Senada Professional Succession Planning Consultants

Transferring Your Business

What family and key employee considerations do I need to consider?

How can I win all the key people touched by my business to a transition?

I still have a business to run, how will I have time to see that all aspects of the business and sale are attended to without interruption in what we are doing?

With a reasoned, patient plan - executed on your timetable - we can best ensure that the “right” buyer is found to continue the legacy you have established while providing for key employees and those who have built your business with you.

As an interested and qualified buyer is identified, the parties need a process to transfer the business. That process is straight forward. We can act as a coordinator helping to finalize the party’s intentions in clear language. Such documentation defines what is being sold; for what price; whether the sale is for shares or assets; the date of the actual close of the sale; the terms of any take back financing; the continuing involvement of the owner; and all such other matters that need to be agreed.

If location, location, location are the three keys to successful real estate ownership – then communication, communication and communication are the keys to successfully selling a business.

As we work together to define your goals and develop a go forward plan – we can also develop a plan as to the timing and communication with key players. Our goal will be to have all the key players on side with a full understand of the benefits to the succession proceeding.

We have extensive experience in repositioning assets from an active business. Such reorganizations can be accomplished without immediate tax – further lending value to the transaction and your financial security.

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