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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a right time to sell my business?

A: Every business will be transferred or sold. Operating your business until it has to be sold will destroy the value of the business at an ever increasing rate. There is a wrong time to sell your business. Because your business will be valued based on a multiple of sustainable earnings and cash flow - the right time is when it suits your personal timetable and when the business is doing well.

Q: I need a strategy to be sure my standard of living is protected for the balance of my life. Where can I find answers to what I can afford when my business is sold?

A: Our simple financial profile template can add the proceeds from the sale of your business and provide you with an overview of your net worth and long term financial security.

Q: How can I ensure that the sale of my business will lead to tax efficient results?

A: There are many ways to improve the after tax and deferred tax elements that will make a difference to the net cash you receive on a sale. As a CA with years of experience we are fully familiar with all the tax rules and techniques that are used to your advantage.

Q: What is required for a transfer or sale?

A: There are but four things needed for a sale. An interested vendor; a qualified vendor; an interested buyer; and a qualified buyer

Q: What will I do with the capital I receive on a sale?

A: Some of your proceeds may stay in the business to assist in financing a buyer. It is important how any such proceeds are structured for ongoing income and security. Next there may be a number of tax pools and family income splitting that can determine how proceeds should be directed for your best long term net results. The residue can be invested in any number of vehicles that suits your experience and interest often leading to an independent investment advisor. We can suggest a number of advisors for you to choose from and stay in touch and provide independent counsel to add to your base of knowledge as decisions need to be made.


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